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    Doris Richardson

My Intention

My passion, gifts and purpose is co-creating local, regional and global communities based on practical principles of Unity Consciousness. My intention is to redefine and expand our current understanding of how one person's true calling not only affects every facet of their own life but our global/universal communities as well.

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My First Community

In 2007, I began establishing 6 math/science/leadership high schools across the country. My purpose was to affect declining student interest of working within the energy industry. This vision was based on the need to attract more mathematicians, engineers, geophysicists into the industry and begin filling the positions being left by Baby Boomers entering retirement.The statistics stated that within 10 years, the energy industry would loose 50% of its population as a result of our retiring Baby Boom Generation.

Doris Richardson
Doris Richardson

Join Doris Richardson

Join Doris Richardson, Bren Frisch, owner of Sunflower Farm and Sara Troy, host/owner Self Discovery Radio to discuss:

Join Doris on Self Discovery Radio

Join Doris on Self Discovery Radio

  • New paradigm for co-creating community through Unity Consciousness
  • How to Co-Create An Intentional Community
  • How to create A Well Formed Vision for your community
  • Discuss/Define Highly Sensitive, Empathic & Gifted Creatives
  • Redefining and Expanding Our Childs Learning Environment
  • Meet Bren Frisch, Co-Creator of Sunflower Farm and tour this magical community via video!

Serving a Greater Need

As an educator, the solution was clear to me. The energy industry needed to begin focusing their recruiting efforts on renewable energy, as well as connecting with the students earlier at the high school level before reaching higher education.

My first and last high schools were in low income areas…the last being an all-girls school...what a delight! Had I ever done this before - NO! Did I have a business plan/vision - YES! As a pioneer in the field of helping people discover their life purpose, I knew this was my purpose and allowed myself to surrender into divine flow so I could then be led by the gentle nudges of my heart. Both me and my business plan were immediately recruited by the most respected energy nonprofit organization on Capitol Hill in Washington DC - and immediately it began to unfold with ease, grace and such joy. These schools received many presidential, business and community awards. I could NEVER have imagined nor planned this type of support or accolades! It was without doubt serving a greater need, as well as being in the highest and best spiritual interest of my unique path.

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